SermonIndex Prayer Call: Brian Long

Prayer Conference Call for the Upcoming SermonIndex Conference. Special Guest speaker: Brian Long. Saturday Morning, May 26th, 9:00-10:00 am Eastern Call 712-432-0075, Code 6149782#, Mute *6 ALL are welcome, SHARE with others.

Brian Long: Conference 2018 – Grace Christian Fellowship Brisbane, Australia

Grace Christian Fellowship, Brisbane, Australia

Conference 2018

Recently Brian traveled to Australia, preaching in different areas of Australia. In Brisbane, Brian preached a series of powerful messages at the Grace Christian Fellowship 2018 Conference. Listen below, be challenged and seek to walk with God.

Brian will also be preaching at the Sermon Index Revival Conference this October, 4-6. More information here.

Vital Faith

It is Finished

The Face of God

How Precious is Jesus?

A Revelation of The Real Jesus Christ

All of Jesus – No More of Me

New Messages: From the Conference in Wisconsin

Recently Brian hit the road again and traveled to South Lawerence (near Ladysmith), WI. Brian preached at the South Lawerence Mennonite Church. You can listen/download Brian’s messages here.

Out of this series of messages, I have decided to spot light his message, “The Bruised Reed He Will Not Break.” This message is full of hope for those who are languishing and feel utterly hopeless, especially in this time of year. You can listen below.

A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break_BrianLong

In August, Brian traveled to Australia and preached several messages. You can listen to some of those messages here.

Brian Long is a Christian, husband, father, preacher and rancher in Northern Oklahoma. Brian and his wife Martha have beautiful 5 children. Since his salvation, he has pastored several churches through out the southwest and has preached around the world. You can listen to Brian’s story here. For more questions, visit Brian’s contact page.

Blow the Trumpet: Brian Long

Brian will be preaching at the South Lawrence Mennonite Church in South Lawrence, Wisconsin. Dates are November 12th – 15th. All are welcome.

Listen to Brian’s messages at SLMC from 2014 here.

Learn more at

The Form or The Fire: Brian Long

A powerful message and a clarion call to reality by Brian Long. In this message, Brian, by the grace and mercy of God, challenges the individual to examine themselves in comparison to the Scriptures and the realities of the new birth of Jesus Christ.

This message was given in Australia in Aug of 2017.



Brian Long Preaching in Australia Aug 2017

In August of 2017, Brian was privileged to preach in Australia. The Lord worked mightily, convicting many of sin and need for repentance. These are just a few of those messages from both Brisbane and Melbourne (Suburbs), Australia.

Grace Christian Fellowship Brisbane, Australia

First Romanian Baptist Church in Australia


Newest Messages – Lenapah Baptist Church Meetings: Brian Long

Jesus of Nazareth is Passing By – May 22nd, 2017

Brian Long

Living In Light of The Judgment Seat of Christ – May 23rd, 2017

Brian Long

The Boundless Love of God – May 24th, 2017

Brian Long

Powerful Story From A Frontline Missionary: Kevin Turner

In 2009 Kevin shared a very powerful message of truth, reality and power. God is indeed “causatory not reactionary.” Kevin has experienced a very radical conversion and a radical reality of the “calamity that clarifies.” This message will bring you incredible help in the Christian life.

Powerful Story: Guest Kevin Turner

Also listen to: Powerful Interview From A Frontline Missionary

Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny – Brian Long

Brian Long Preaching

In 2008 Brian Long preached a pair of messages entitled, “Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny.” A powerful message that we need today! Listen to Brian’s messages below.

Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny: Part 1: Deuteronomy 32 – B. Long

Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny: Part 2: Exodus 1 – B. Long

20170203_111521Brian Long is a Christian, husband, father, preacher and rancher. Brian resides with his wife and family in Oklahoma and preaches itinerantly. Follow Brian by signing up below.

A Plain Vision for the Church and Coming Persecution: Brian Long

Brian Long passionately shares on the vital subject of coming persecution to the Church in North America. From the book of Habbukuk he shares how the prophet struggled with coming judgment in his day and we must accept the same in our day. Read More

Powerful Working of God: Testimony of Luke Long

20170202_200927This is the testimony of Luke Long, Brian and Martha’s oldest son. Although what you see and hear here is only just a tiny portion of God’s mercies and grace in this man and his family, yet we believe you will be very encouraged. Read More

Brian Long Preaching Website Now Launched

We have now launched Brian Long’s new website. We are in the early stages of uploading many of Brian’s messages. You can stay connected with brother Brian by signing up at the bottom of this page to keep updated of recently uploaded sermons and future preaching engagements. If you wish to contact brother Brian, you can do so on our contact page. Read More